Gene Key Activation

Gene Key Activation

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Gene Keys is a living transmission and mystical system that comes out of human design. It has been developed for the exploration and illumination of the key frequency signatures you carry in this incarnation in your journey of in bodying your divinity.

The facets of the divine one crystal that you are here to illuminate.

It brings insight and wisdom to our main relational themes and wounds, our gifts and talents and the pathway to living a life of ease and prosperity. Through this system you can discover the underlying energetic patterns, core beliefs and evolutionary potential you hold inside your vehicle.

Each key you carry has a unique frequency that emanates across time and space, this can be expressed in it’s shadow, gift or siddhi. At the shadow level the tone vibrates more densely it expresses as distortion as it moves to gift the frequency becomes more refined and pure and it siddhic level we are working with the divine essence of the key/lightcode/expression of consciousness. For example gene key 34 moves from force to strength to majesty.  At the shadow level this may be experienced as a bossiness, pushy, intimidating or even abusive in some cases. In the gift this code expresses as strength which emanates safe power this would be likely experienced as relief and support at the siddhic level it’s archetype is more like the benevolent king whom is graciously powerful.

Gene Key activations work on the cellular level. I gently invite the cells to open (south node is gene key 59 which manifests in my experience as an ability to move through ‘walls’ in the energetic body), once I have located these source codes in the DNA  my focused awareness and love generates an energetic feedback and dialogue from it’s zero point to mine.

From this place I can transmit and offer an updated reflection of that tone, it’s crystalline template (My gene key 16 expresses as an ability to transmit but not personally embody the unique energetic tones of the keys as well as aspects of nature). I am just an empty mirror. Immersing it in the resonant field, like a hall of mirrors reflecting it’s own divine original blueprint it begins to attune and harmonise (my life’s work is harmony gene key 50), I can support the increase in it’s velocity as it begins to assume a higher spin rate and expression.

We can work on specific areas of focus with these activations - relationship patterns and blocks, embodying your unique beauty and radiance codes, magnetism, abundance money,  purpose, expression of gifts.