DNA Activation

DNA Activation

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Activating our christed dna is the key to moving into the next bandwidth of experience available to humanity. We are undergoing a ascension process into a new dimension of reality that activates higher possibilities.

Our crystalline DNA holds the blueprint for this transition. Our crystalline DNA (or junk DNA as it referred to) is mostly still experienced on the etheric level (although science is finding this is changing as light workers embody more light and ground it into the physical form it’s beginning to activate.) We utilise crystalline DNA as portals to bridge between the dimensions . Christ consciousness/solar cosmic light shines through the templates held here, it is the key for our full experience of source/our own divinity in body. This is the ascension process, changing our state to one that’s vibrating faster with more coherence and light offering greater possibilities.

DNA creates personal, collective and multi dimensional experiences in form. It is a transmitter, receiver and generator like a little antennae it collects spiritual data and transfers it into electromagnetic form. When our heart centre is in harmonic resonance with unity consciousness our dna activates and spins in toroidal fields/vortex and radiates awakened light codes our consciousness then attempts to create realities as a reflection of these codes from this activated DNA.

DNA activations work on the cellular level. I gently invite the cells to open (south node is gene key 59 which manifests in my experience as an ability to move through ‘walls’ in the energetic body), once I have located these source codes in the DNA my focused awareness and love generates an energetic feedback and dialogue from it’s zero point to mine. From this place we can call forth your crystalline template. Immersing it in the resonant field, like a hall of mirrors reflecting it’s own divine original blueprint it begins to attune and harmonise. I can support the increase in it’s velocity as it begins to assume a higher spin rate and expression.