1:1 Mentorship

1:1 Mentorship

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My love,

Feeling you here in this moment from the point of no time. Feeling the threads that have woven you into my field through resonance.

The realms I like to dance in are of magic, alchemy and mutation so I know the soul pull comes with a knowing it’s time to quantum leap into the next holy expression of you.

My highest calling is the resurrection of the feminine arts and leadership.

I am devoted to the unfurling and expression of the deep feminine and the expansion of her love and light.

I am here for the woman that is ready to step (with all her doubt and fears and insecurities) into the next highest state of her radiance, power and beauty because she just knows there’s more here for her…. And there soo is!!!

If you have a desire around your wealth, love, purpose, expression it’s because it’s an echo of you that already is living it. I have no doubt about that!! If it’s in your field. It’s for you.

I am here to hold a dedicated pure crystalline container for you to deeply surrender into your soul’s wisdom and fractal alignment. Together we will create the architecture of your desire in the quantum, meet the portals/blocks in the field with heart coherence and use practical tools, ritual, modalities, your soul map and embodiment as well as quantum energy healing work to harmonise and alchemise the dissonance and align with your field of Christed expression.

I liken this to the restructuring water. When the molecules of our DNA are coherent and vibrating with clarity our light and the experience of it (the reality) we want to have gravitates to us. You get to be a quantum architect and create a life that defies reason!

Working with me 1:1 looks like

-a month container to begin

- one full month of energetic containment  

- 1 Zoom call per week 

-tailored integration practices

- Pristine container of holding

  • one target area for alchemising that will include 40 mins 3x week distance energetic work

Some paths we could explore ~


Sovereign Sexy Business

In business having travelled the landscape I can hold quantum space and transmit the codes from the vantage point of feeling you here, offering a calibration point for you to collapse time and leap into your most powerful state of being.

Combining solid structure and energetics you get to create a business that takes your breath away. One filled with pleasure, playfulness and prosperity! Where your feminine essence gets to surrender into what lights here up and receive abundantly for it!!

Sacred Soul Union

Through mastering the masculine feminine energies and accessing the codes of reunification we will meet the portals/wounds and sing them back into union. Through practical exploration of our nature, polarity teachings and attachment style we can begin to unwind the distortions around relating, disconnect from the separation matrixes and reunify within to then transmit our new template that cultivates synergy and Heiros Gamos in relationship to other.